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A family is the basic component of society, and husband and wife is the main element of a family. Marriage is the closest and longest relationship in all interpersonal relationships. The purpose of getting married in America firstly is the emotion between the lovers. In American society, people think marriage is just the combination of two individuals and love is the foundation of marriage. In their views, marriage without love is immoral and low quality. Americans believe marriage is just a kind of form, it is not very important. The important thing is the feeling when two people are together, but nowadays marriage shouldn’t just be about love, it should also be an economic partnership. Women and men should be more upfront about marriage and money, instead of entering marriage without considering the financial future. In the article ” America, Home of the Transactional Marriage,” Victor Tan Chen explains Americans without college degrees are much more likely to not be married by the age of 30. I think people with a higher education background will find a steady and well paid job. I think money is necessary condition of secular life. Well educated parents often have more money for schools, safer community and healthy food. People with less education will put their energy focus on finding a job and not planning for their future. Getting married means cost a lot of money, and also means buying a house and having a baby, but they can’t do that without a stable job.  In the marriage, a healthy financial income system of the family is important, not just for their partner, but also important for their children and their future. Those with a well paid job and a college degree parents spend more than double the time with their children of less educated people according to a new Pew analysis of census data. Children from homes with a high annual income have better chance to enroll into college than those from homes that make less annual income. A family with higher annual income will encourage their children go to college and they have ability to pay the education cost.Chen claims “divorce rates have continued to rise among the less educated, while staying more or less steady for college graduates in recent decades.” It proves money and marriage are inseparable. To ensure the family happiness and good health, the most basic or need to do is the basis of wealth. If a man has been the lack of financial planning, and after a middle-aged problems such as anxiety, all this kind of problems will make serious damage of the marriage and the life quality. It may depends on the steady amount of wealth to make the life and happy marriage.People with college education share the same values. Values are intangible. Values tell us what is good, what is bad, what is right, what is wrong, what is true, what is false and how we will behave and evaluate behavior. Values are taught at home, often unconsciously. When values are once formed, they will guide people’s behavior, attitude, and faith. Married couples both have a college education background, they will share same values, they know how to resolve the problems occurrence in the marriage. Married couple more likely to make same decisions because they speak of the same values, so marriage rates are higher, and divorce rates lower, among wealthier and better educated Americans.In the article “Record Share of Americans Have Never Married,” Wendy Wang and Kim Parker explains the percentage of American adults who have never been married is at a historic high. In 2012, one fifth people had never been married and in 1960 only 9% people had never been married. With the development of economy, the rise in people’s living standards and the improvement of medical conditions, people are living longer and longer. Furthermore, birth rates are falling as the declining marriage rates, which lead U.S to aging of population. Aging of population have positive and negative effects on the society. The aging of the population will affect American society in many ways – education, medicine, and business. Population aging have negative effects on economic development. Firstly, in an aging society, labor markets, saving patterns and migration flows will change. Most worryingly is the labor shortages, declining labor market flexibility and slowing productivity pose a serious threat to growth. Secondly, fiscal burden of the country increase due to the huge spending on pension, medical services and social services. In addition, the aging population will lead to increased government spending, but the ration of taxpayers in the workforce reduces. In order to increase tax revenue, the government can only increase tax rate. This will reduce the passion of the workers as well as increase the burden on enterprises. However it has positive effects. Old people aren’t interested in taking risk, so that they pay more attention to decrease the rate of crime and build a safe society. Elderly also can help the young to raise their child, enable them to focus more on their work and boost their efficiency. Though the increase of the older people will cause social and economic consequences, people can take effective measures to deal with it. No doubt the key is to build a solid economic foundation. Meanwhile, it is important for social progress to improve social security, welfare and service situations. What’s more, family care and community services shall also be encouraged.In my opinion, money should not determine the happiness of marriage, but money plays an important role in marriage. It not means you need to be rich to get married, it means at least you need to earn enough money to support your family. The most important thing in marriage is couple treat each other sincerely. Love is the key to make lasting marriage. The decline in marriage rates in the U.S. will cause problems, but I believe everything that exists has its reason and its influences. The only thing that we can do is try our best to learn it and solve its effects, such as the aging population.

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