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“A juicy steak and a bowl of lentil soup both contain lots of protein”, so killing and eating innocent animals for the sake of health remains a pointless task(Ornes). There are different kinds of vegetarianism, each one consisting of a different meat-less diet; but but they are all healthier than eating meat. Vegetarianism is a better diet than non-vegetarianism, because it is more ethical and healthy. Firstly, vegetarian diets represent  more ethicality than diets consisting of meat. Animals are often abused before they are slaughtered inhumanely, but in the words of Joe Perez, a scholar and associate director and scholar-in-residence at the Center for World Spirituality, and spiritual mentor, by eliminating meat from their diets, people make the correct choice in “whether or not they support animal consumption and cruel farming practices”. Eating products made by meat companies makes them torture more animals for consumption, which increases the amount of suffering animals. Non-vegetarians benefit from the murder of innocent animals unnecessarily, when they can peacefully live alongside animals by being vegetarian. Animals and humans are equal beings in the world, and they all deserve an equal chance to live. Instead of treating them cruelly and unfairly by eating them, Perez states that people should treat animals as beings “worthy of respect as…co-habitants of the Earth with intrinsic value”(Perez). There are countless amounts of people who fight for the equality of all people, but not many who support all inhabitants of the world. Not many realize that animals have done nothing wrong to deserve to be killed and eaten for selfish human pleasure. Animals are entitled to the same respect as humans, which can only happen if people stop eating them. All forms of vegetarianism consist healthier diets than diets consisting of a lot of meat. According to a study described in an article in an issue of “Cell Metabolism”, “consuming a diet of low meat, eggs, and dairy products may extend one’s life”(Ornes). Eating more fruits and vegetables increases the body’s health, as it contains more fibers, which “boosts the heart health”(Kaplan). With a healthy heart, anyone can live much longer than the average lifespan. Additionally, eating less meat, eggs, and dairy products lowers one’s calorie count, making them have a healthier body-weight, and prevent many diseases. According to a study by the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, “vegan men are 55 percent less likely to die as a result of ischemic heart disease” compared to non-vegetarians. Since veganism is a type of vegetarianism, it is healthier than consuming meat, as it lowers people’s cholesterol and makes their hearts more functional for more time; averting often fatal heart illnesses. Instead of eating meat, one can eat some of many meat substitutes, such as tofu, jackfruit, lentils, and much more! Eating meat is not worth all the trouble of health. Some critics say that although many people benefit from less protein from meat, “people who get at least 20 percent of their calories from protein have lower risks of dying from cancer”(Ornes). Even though the condition might make sense, Valter Longo, a professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, argues that “a high protein diet is one of the worst things one can do up to age 65″(Ornes). Too much protein does not benefit the health for a many people, and meat carries a lot of protein. People who eat it often are more prone to heart disease, because they eat an excessive amount amount of protein, which weakens the heart. Non-vegetarianism does not carry the same health and ethical benefits as vegetarianism, so murdering animals for the taste of meat holds no advantages; especially when there are so many meat substitutes. Instead of eating meat, everyone should be vegetarian and lead a long, guilt-free life!

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