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A special topic I took interest in was “The American Dream”. The American dream is an idea that people from around the world use as inspiration, however people view it in many different ways. People use the American dream as inspiration that anything is possible and they can achieve any obstacles if they put their mind to it. It is different for everyone because of experiences they have lived throughout their journey. The fact that people come to America to start a new chapter in their lives can be both thrilling and scary to them. America means a lot to thousands of people. American means a lot to many people because it opened many doors when people are in need of jobs and education. Without America what would we become? We are one; we are all united. America gave many people a new life and home. The American dream is loyalty, sacrifice, and opportunity. The most important definition of the American dream is loyalty. Mike Christian is a true example of a patriot even when he was beaten severely he remained true.  Many people until this day are grateful to people like Mike Christian. Remaining loyal to America and truly being thankful for every opportunity shows the appreciation and respect people around the globe have for America. My interest in America drove me to search for poems, speeches, and learned about people who came to America to start a new life. I read articles online about how people’s life changed when they came to America. The American dream means different things to different people. It is important for us remain united and show love. America is our home and without it we are nothing. Therefore, every citizen should be patriotic to America. Our home is what we should appreciate. Immigrants from around the globe have given up everything they own and know with the hope of receiving the American dream.   We the people are all one nation; we all need to love each other and grow stronger together. Anzia Yeizerska stated, “The American dream is not someone ething you receive but rather something everyone helps to create!”

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