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________________________________________As you compete, you must be the best to survive. With so many types of products available in the marketplace, advertising is needed to attract people’s attention. Companies need to present creative advertising ideas to increase their sales.1.

McDonald’s.aboutThe awakening of coffee is the most important thing for the day. So McDonald’s decided to create this creative ad to show that after you open your eyes in the morning, you get the first product you need.2. Sensodyne.aboutYour favorite ice cream can cause you great pain if you have a sensitivity.

Thanks to Sensodyne for understanding.3. Coptic.aboutIdeas are everywhere, just hold them. This ad is an example. Keloptic lenses are clear enough that the portrait of an oil painting is original.4.

Chupa Chups.aboutThis creative advertising team has done a good job. Even ants change the track, if not sugar. Chupa Chups has no more sugar.5.

Orion telescopes.aboutThere is nothing that can not be developed with Orion telescopes. This is the idea behind this announcement.6. Jardiland.aboutOne of the best advertising ideas of all time. The biscuits seem to have released the dog.7.

Biocanina.aboutThey will take the time to solve it. But the fact is that while you take care of yourself, your pets need care too.8.

Orbit.aboutIt is still one of the most creative advertising ideas. Do not let anyone know what you’ve eaten with the new orange flavor of the orbit.9th King Khalib Foundation.aboutDomestic violence remains a major problem in many countries. This foundation helps people who are exposed to this kind of violence. His advertising slogan shows that no matter what you try to cover, the wounds speak.10.

Nivea night cream.aboutThis announcement is an example of how you can convey your ideas without being extravagant. The lid opens in the shape of a moon.11. Zen sushi.

aboutShould I say something? Creativity is everywhere. Some great minds were working. Literally, the fish is freshly picked and served on the plate.12. PepsiaboutThis creative announcement took the Cold War between Pepsi and Coca-Cola to a new level on Halloween.

The management was certainly smart enough to 

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