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Naga Anjaneyulu has asked me to write a
letter of recommendation to accompany his application for graduate program in
Computer Science at your esteemed university. As the Head of Computer Science Department,
I have known Naga Anjaneyulu since the beginning of his third year. He is
highly competitive and talented. I would like to stress particularly on his
thirst for knowledge, ability to constantly learn which makes him an outstanding


Being a third-year student, he attended
my lectures and seminar on Software Engineering. I have taught him the course
on Data Warehousing and Data Mining. While he was studying my course, I was
impressed by his remarkable ability to comprehend complex abstract material and
present it in a digestible form during recitations. His deep interest in the
coursework was something which enthused me to be his intern guide for the
Scilab Texbook Companinon Project, IIT Bombay. During this internship,Naga
showed ability to learn new skills and apply them, since he had to learn and
code in scilab programming language. His perseverance, purposefulness and
diligence enabled him to successfully complete the internship. He is one of the
very few students who have successfully completed the internship under my

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Also I have to mention about Naga’s
participation as a member of the IUCEE –SPEED .He was responsible in
establishing IUCEE-SPEED College chapter, he has conducted and facilitated
IUCEE-SPEED regional forums in RIT, Islampur, 2014, training programs for
facilitators and was elected for the SPEED INDIA’s National Committee, 2015,
which speaks volumes about his leadership skills and interpersonal skills.


I’m deeply convinced that students
displaying such qualities as Naga’s,are able to study at graduate level
successfully. Thus I strongly recommend Naga Anjaneyulu for further education
at your university.

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