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Please accept my attached resume for the
position of IT Administration Co op. I am pursing Post Graduate Diploma in
Information Technology Professionals in Lambton College, Sarnia.

I am looking for co op job to get handy
experience in IT sector. It is my pleasure to become a part of your organization
and I believe my skills would be perfect for this position.

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During my college days, I have learned both
Technical and Business and have hands on experience with Desktops, Laptops,
Printers, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Server 2012, Active Directory, Group
Policies. Moreover, I have software and hardware troubleshooting skills
developed during the study period. I have learned communication skills while
working with The Brick and Gap Inc.


Being a part of multiple school projects, I
believe I am an excellent match for this position.  It’s an honor as well as opportunity for me
to work for IMPERIAL OIL. I would love to apply my knowledge, gained throughout
my studies.


Thank you for your time, and looking
forward to hear from you soon.

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