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In this
fast dynamic world, technology is the second most important factor which
generates employment, first being the emergence of new ways of ‘white collar’
working. The transformation in technology impacts the jobs in both positive and
negative way. The adoption of innovative and exponential technologies is
disrupting industries by creating new markets, as well as weakening or
transforming existing product market categories and industries through product
or business innovations. This research paper provides an overview of the
consequences of technology transformation on employment in India in various
sectors. It studies how the rapid embracing of these exponential technologies
by Indian companies has highly transformed unorganized sectors, such as
transportation, maintenance, food catering, and software development services,
into organized ones. It represents how the skills that required manual and
physical strength have now transformed into those of process handling and
troubleshooting; and also highlights the future of jobs in India in the coming
5 years by adoption of new technologies.


to the report by McKinsey, the adoption of 12 empowering technologies by India,
could contribute to $550 billion to $1 trillion of economic impact per year in
India by 2025. This is around 3-6 times the current economic value of Indian IT
and IT enable services and 20-30% of India’s incremental GDP from 2012-2025.
Around 19-29 million workers (5-8% of India’s nonfarm labour force in 2025)
could be negatively affected by technology and would need new employment
opportunities and skill training out of which 6-8 million will be in routine
clerical , customer service and sales area, while 13-21 million in
manufacturing, trade and transport and construction area.

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To sum
up the overall landscape of Indian employment has benefited from the technology
transformation, specifically for medium and high skilled workforce.

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