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Beyonce apparently is not Eminem’s first choice to be invited to collaborate on a single called Walk on Water. The 45-year-old rapper admitted to wanting to duet with Adele in his new song.;But Eminem’s collaboration invitation was canceled due to Adele’s health factors. As is known, Adele had experienced a sound interruption and stop a number of concerts at the end of this year. ;

“It was originally for Adele but something happened to him and his voice so he could not do that (collaborate). We then contacted Beyonce because there were only a few people who could replace him, “Eminem said.


The desire to collaborate with Adele turns out to be one of Eminem’s dreams that has not yet materialized.

He was impatient to immediately realize one of his dreams. 

“Collaborating with him has been one of my long-time dreams, but I’ve never had a song that I feel is right to be given to him. And based on what the story is, I think he might be able to connect with this song, “he continued.

Walk on Water is taken from Eminem’s new album titled Revival. The song tells of the distress to always be perfect. No wonder if Adele and Beyonce Eminem main choice because both are music divas that always look perfect despite the pressure that comes so great.


“I told Beyonce, ‘I’ve never seen you make a mistake before, at all.’like in appearance, or everything. Every song he sings, every album, everything seems to be calculated and balanced.

And everything is always perfect, “added Eminem 

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