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The concept of constructing a dam on
the Three Gorges to make use of the power of the river Yangtze
was long said by famous poets and writers. Almost a centuary ago, Dr. Sun
Yat-sen, an important member of the Chinese democratic revolution, first
proposed that a Yangtze Three Gorges Project be constructed. Various experts
conducted investigations and started working on the project but because of
historic reasons and lack of resources and technology the development of the
project remained only a dream. After 10 hearings on the feasibility of this
project the Government of China concluded that the merits of the project far
overweigh its demerits and approved the project in 1992.

The government had three main goals
for this project, flood control, power generation and navigation. Previously, the population in the middle and lower
reaches of the Yangtze River suffered tremendous losses from flooding both in
human lives and property. In 1931 alone, as a result of flooding, almost three
hundred thousand hectares of cultivated land were stricken and about 145
thousand people were drowned. Therefore the construction of a dam was necessary
to propel China into the 21st century and without it, China will have
difficulty in providing energy to its immense population and moreover the
energy obtained from the dam is more environmentally friendly than other alternative
sources present at that period.

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