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cancer is the second leading cancer in women and it remains a key public health
concern and a tremendous burden worldwide with an estimation of 1.7 million new
cases reported each year globally. In 2015 approximately 560,000 patients died
due to breast cancer of which 90% of the cases were of metastatic breast cancer
(MBC). Among the patients diagnosed with MBC 70%-80% of the tumors where
hormone receptor-positive (HR-positive) MBCs.

therapy remains a foundation to treat HR-positive MBC, but clinical decisions
are becoming more challenging owing to heterogeneity, rapid evolvement of the
tumors, and resistance to current endocrine treatments. There’s an unprecedented
number of treatments available aiming in prolonging the outcome and optimizing
the quality of life before selecting vigorous regimes. Sequential single-agent
endocrine and new endocrine-combination therapies provide significant critical
improvements for long-term management of patients in the first line treatment.

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