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Graves (2010) believes when market research is permitted into the decision-making
process, we tend to lose the capability to learn from our mistakes. In view of
the fact that, most research is as faulty as neuroscience and social psychology are proving
it to be. He emphasises that research (what people think) distorts an organization’s
learning process by implanting a flawed fact into the equation (Graves, 2010).

I agree with Graves views when it came down to choosing the correct
communication channels. A few issues and constraints arose from the given brief,
after much research (which will be addressed later on in the paper) it had come
to our attention that Snapchat was not one of the strongest social media
platforms to use as a digital stage (We Are Flint, 2016; ONS, 2016). In the brief,
there was a lot of emphasis on new digital media platforms (especially social
media) when it came to communication channel advertising; on the other hand, F1 should not
exclude traditional media (old media) advertising such as TV and Billboard
advertising, since it giving F1 more opportunities and a wider reach (Motorsport Stats, 2017).

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