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The planning
phase is the third phase where the nurse and the patient has to agree on which
diagnosis needs to be focused on.

diagnosing phase is the second stage which a nurse must make an educated
judgement using the information from the assessment to identify a potential or
an actual health problem. To make a reliable judgement sometimes multiple
diagnosis are made for a single patient.  These diagnoses are
also used to judge if the patients’ health is improving and whether or not they
may have developed a syndrome. These diagnoses are not the same as medical
diagnosis because they are focused on patient’s problems that result from the
disease, and also whether or not a patient is at risk of developing further
problems, while the medical diagnoses focus on the disease prosses alone. 

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The nursing
process is broken down into 5 five steps. The first step is the assessment
phase, where the nurse brings together information about a patients
psychological, physiological, sociological and spiritual needs. To gather this
information the nurse will interview the patient, they will also carry
physically examinations, referencing a patient’s health history, finding a
patients family history and some general observation.

Lily (2006) mentioned that contemporary nursing relies on
the nursing process

Mrs Briggs
is a 70 year old, who was admitted to the medical ward following a stroke.
Since admission she has been found to be incontinent of urine. Her speech was
slurred which impaired communication. Mrs Briggs has a history of hypertension
for the last 10 years treated by anti-hypertensive medication. I am going to discuss
the holistic assessment and care of Mrs Briggs using nursing process for
problem solving approach, which is a five step process where treatment is
delivered to an individual (Lily, 2006 ). I will be focusing on risk to
pressure ulcers, malnutrition and falls.

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