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Completed business plan for brows Andrew lashes EXECUTIVE SUMMARYB’N’L lounge beauty salon will offer complete brow and lashes beautification services in the UK market in a very relaxed and classy atmosphere. To begin with B’N’L will include permanent and semi permanent treatments in the concerned area of work which have been discussed later. B’N’L will be dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction and exceptional services by usingonly high quality products at good value that brings the customer back for more, asgetting treatments redone in this area of work is needed often. Adding to this, a wide range of products will be offered for sale at B’N’L specifically for further enhancement of the brows and lashes which have been discussed later. Hence B’N’L will promote the idea of ‘get treatments in B’N’L lounge and use B’N’L products at home’. The idea is to do things differently and better than the way it is done in the brow and lash industry at the moment. Consistency and steadily looking to improve will be the watch words. In the main, the execution of all the services of B’N’L will such that to ensure the expectations of the customers are met. Profitability will mainly come from sales of products and mostly from the company’s services.Vision: B’N’L will work towards being a part of a revolutionary salon chainthereby making this venture a very successful one and thus growing ethically inevery possible way.Our Mission: To provide high quality services and passionate commitment withhigh comfort level that binds the customer to the brand.Our Motto: Passion for providing great experience for client satisfaction through efficient customer service, growth and profit.The timing is perfect for starting this venture. As it’s the generation of people beingmore health and beauty conscious. B’N’L will work towards being a part of a revolutionary salon chain thereby m

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