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World order is something that describes the concept ofregion or civilization about the nature arrangements and the distribution ofpower consideration to be relevant to the rest of the world. Internationalorder is realistic claim of these concept to an extensive part of the globe tobe enough to affect the global of power.

Regional orders involve the sameprinciples applied to a defined geographic area.  Any request idea constructs itself in bright of twosegments: an arrangement of generally acknowledged tenets that characterize thepoints of limitation of allowable activity and an adjust of energy thatimplements limitation where parts separate, keeping one political unit from dominatingall others. Any arrangement of world request, to be reasonable, must be recognizedas not only by leader but, as well as by populations. It must reflect tworealities: arrange without flexibility, regardless of whether maintained by temporarymagnification, in the long run makes its own particular counterpoise; yetopportunity can’t be secured or supported without a structure of request tokeep the peace. Request and flexibility, once in a while depicted as inverse slideson the range of understanding, rather than to  be comprehended as associated.

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Colitis is a chronic idiopathicinflammatory condition of gastro intestinal tract caused by inappropriate andcontinuing inflammatory response to gut microbiota on a background of geneticsusceptibility.1 Colitis is precipitated by a complex interaction ofenvironmental, genetic and immunoregulatory factors.

Family history is a majorpredisposing factor for Colitis, although sporadic cases do occur at large.2The pathophysiology of Colitis has been actively investigated recently.The common end pathway is inflammation of the mucosal lining of the intestinaltract, causing ulceration, edema, bleeding, diarrhoea and fluid and electrolyteloss.3 Many inflammatory mediators have been identified in colitisand the considerable evidence suggest that these mediators play an importantrole in the pathologic and clinical characteristics of these disorders. Theglobal prevalence of Colitis has seen a discernible shift in the past decade.

Colitis once considered to be common in the Western population has witnessed arelative stable or decreasing trend in Western European region.4 Howeverits prevalence has seen an upsurge in previously low incidence areas such asAsia, mainly in Indian population and in Eastern Europe.5-9Traditionallymany plants were used for treating various inflammatory disorders.

From variousstudies, it was observed that many of the plants belonging to the genus Ocimumpossess good anti-inflammatory property because of which it is regarded as agood candidate for the treatment of Colitis. Folklorically the plant Ocimum gratissimum was used for treatingvarious inflammatory disorders like allergic dermatitis, mild swellings etc.,moreover recent studies shown that they have a significant activity in chronicinflammatory disorders also. Hence, taking these properties under considerationwe have selected this plant for screening of different colitis models.10,11

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