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At the beginning of the year, on January 26, 2017, The CW premiered a new TV show called Riverdale. It got popular quickly and many people love the series.The TV series stars Archie Andrews, who has to deal with family and friend issues, football, and music. Another leading character, named Betty Cooper, is Archie’s best friend who’s mother wants her to be perfect with good grades and popularity. Her parents are in charge of the town newspaper and Betty is in charge of the school newspaper called the “Blue and Gold”. The third main lead is Veronica Lodge. She’s the new girl who has rich parents and her father in prison for fraud and embezzlement. Veronica, and her mother Hermione, moved to Riverdale from New York in order to “start a new life”. She immediately becomes friends with Archie, Betty, and Kevin, who is Betty’s gay friend. The next character is named Jughead. He was basically homeless, before Archie gave him a place to stay, because of family issues. His father is an alcoholic and is the leader of a gang called the Southside Serpents and his mother and sister both moved away. He is a writer that works with the school newspaper with Betty, who he eventually starts dating.  Riverdale is a series filled with drama,romance, angst, and mystery. The thing that keeps viewers watching is that so much drama happens and there’s always cliffhangers at the end to keep people interested. It became popular quickly and has won 9 awards so far, including “Best Action/Thriller Television Series” and “Choice TV Show: Drama”. The premiere had 1.37 million viewers in total. Luckily, it was renewed for a second season. The season two premiere was on October 11, 2017 and many people watched it, especially since the season one finale was left on a huge cliffhanger, it kept viewers interested.With such a successful first season, viewers will no doubt continue to tune in to keep up with the storyline as it delves into its second season.

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