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Silverchair is an Australian band that grunge post grunge formed around the 90s. It was once an indie band that won an event at a local radio station in the city, the mainstay song that made them famous until now is “Tommorow”. This single had been the top champion of the charts in Australia for several weeks. The band is hosted by Daniel Johns (guitar / vocals), Ben Gillies (drums / backing vocals / orchestra instruments), and Chris Joanou (bass) is finally releasing their first album “Frogstomp”, with its flagship song “Israel Son” and not forgetting the song that has brought them to the international music world “Tommorow” as well as some other hit songs.

Silverchair – Tomorrow  

In 1997, they re-released the second album, the name of the album “Freak Show” hits single on this album is “Freak”, the song that still carries the grunge-style music is very influential on young children in his era after abandoned idol musicians teenage child is Nirvana.  

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Silverchair re-released their third album, “Neon Ballroom”, starting from this album as they matured in creating songs that once they were teenagers are now grown up as their flagship song “Emotion Sickness” and “Miss You Love”. The third album is the vocalist Daniel John tried to carry the music with a touch of orchestra, perhaps the result of the disease is anorexia so that Daniel John a little to bring a fairly calm song, but did not make the vocalist discouraged, in some songs in this album there are also still touched grunge post flow like Satin Sheets, and Spawn Again. 

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