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In 1958, in a paper of H.P.Luhn, the definition of Business Intelligence
has already appeared (Grossmann and Rinderle-Ma, 2015). The definition didn’t
come into effect at the begging since the definition of Business Intelligence
is not very appropriate. Howard Dresner defined the term Business Intelligence
again in 1989; he described it as the combination of the methods and concepts.

The objective of Business Intelligence is to support decision-making by analysing
the data in systems (Grossmann and Rinderle-Ma, 2015).  Based on Howard Dresner’s description in
1989, Business Intelligence became popular and was recognized as the decision
support tool based on data analysis and related with the data warehouse, the
online analytical processing and reports. Gartner Group first brings up the
concept of Business Intelligence (BI) since 1996. It defined the BI as the application
of a combination of both methodologies and technologies, such as “Web Services,
Data Mining, data warehouse, XML, representation technologies, etc,” to support
the management/ business decision and improve the effectiveness of operation.

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