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Infrared radiation
is part of electromagnetic spectrum, it transmits through the atmosphere in Mid
Wave Infrared Region, MWIR, and Long Wave Infrared Region, LWIR, with 3-5 µm
and 8-14 µm wavelengths respectively as shown in Figure 1a. This radiation
found application in sensing and detection 1. At room temperature 300K black
body emits radiation at a wavelength of approximately 10 µmas shown in Figure
1b. This wavelength corresponds to peak intensity. The radiation flux from real
objects varies, depending on the emissivity of the surface of the object. Infrared
imaging applications of bolometer are used to detect radiation in the 8-14 µm
wavelength regions 2.. There are also some that are optimized for broad-band
detection in the 3-5 µm and the 8-14 µm wavelengths region simultaneously 3.

The development of
Infrared thermal imagine  applications have
become an emerging technologies in thermograph, night vision ( military,
commercial and automotive), mine detection,surveilance, fire fighter, medical
imagine, predictive and industrial process control 2. Thermal imagine involves
interpretation of long wave infrared energy from an incidence (fire explosion)
in the wavelength interval of  8-14 µm
into a digital data that can be used to produce a visible image. The most
commomly used thermal imagine technology are cantilever, microbolometer and
thermal light valve. Optical cantilever uses variable light coupling principle
for measurement of displacement 17,18. The up and down movement of the
cantilever changes the amount of light coupled from input to the output of the
waveguide. This changes is a measure of displacement of the cantilever.
Microbolometer operates on the principle of changes in electrical resistance of
its thermistor as a result of absorbed radiation. Thermal light valve however
operates on the principle of changes in refractive index when there is change
in temperature.  The variation in
temperature are optically readout rather electrically as in the case of
microbolometer using standard digital electronics. Recently, TLV has become an
emerging technology as a result of 
demerits associated with the previous technologies. The advantages of TLV
are low cost, scalable, low power consumption, this makes  TLV to fulfil universal deployment.

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