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The article I am giving a synopsis
of is titled,” Is your school better because you lead it.” The article is
written by Baruti K. Kafele.  Kafele
discusses in the article how educational teachers or leaders who aspire to be
in leadership roles or are currently serving in a leadership capacity, should
be able to answer four questions to determine if your school is better with you
at the helm.  The questions that you
should ask yourself are: what are your leadership identity, mission, purpose,
and vision.  The responses to the
questions will help you determine you are being an effective leader in your

An interesting statement in the
article discussed how your personal identity isn’t always necessarily or
reflective of your leadership identity. 
Many times educators or leaders may have different personalities but
those qualities that you possess as a leader can show how students, parents,
staff, and community react to your leadership. The article discussed how your
leadership mission is your “what” and purpose is your “why”.  I agree wholeheartedly.  These characteristics coexist in several
ways.  . 
I believe that your mission starts with your philosophy of education and
why are you entering a career to affect the lives of students in the form that
you do.  Your purpose is very
important.  To work in education your
purpose should continue to motivate you no matter how frustrating and
challenging the work becomes.  Last, your
overall vision for education when leading your respective school is very
important.  You must determine what is
your overall goal and beliefs when leading. 
Another question you must ask yourself is, “What is your timeline of
achievement or goals when leading? ” Being a principal, you must determine realistic
expectations you would like to see from your students, staff, community, and
parents as partners to help you achieve those reachable goals.

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The current article has given me
insight about how to be an effective administrator or instructor when leading a
school.  Many of our tools for success
have been instilled in us for many years. 
Leadership I feel is a trait that you inherit and can be molded into the
best you can be.  Without having a
leadership identity, mission, purpose, and vision you won’t be able to fulfill
your purpose as an effective instructor or leader.  These are all the basic principles of helping
you determine if your school will be better if you are to lead. 


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