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Insulin and glucagon hormones
are responsible to keep blood glucose level in normal range in healthy body.

Using fasting and glucose consumption method was showed how different
environment results on blood glucose level. To take blood glucose readings was used
blood glucose meter and lancets. After fasting, when blood glucose level was
low pancreas released glucagon so liver could release glucose into blood, after
glucose consumption insulin was released so fat cells could take glucose from
the blood.

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During fasting, healthy blood
glucose level should be below 7.0 mMol/L. This should happen due to stimulation
of glucagon hormone and increase of plasma glucose level in the body. Healthy
body will produce enough of insulin to balance increased glucose level. After
sugary drink consumption in healthy body, result should be below 11.1 mMol/L.

The aim of the work is to record blood glucose changes after 8 hours fasting
and sugary drink consumption.


To make test as accurate as
possible, the experiment subject (teacher Suzanne Edwards) was fasting for 8
hours. After every 15 minutes for an hour was taken blood glucose level to have
a start point. After one hour sugary drink that represented glucose ( fizzy
Rubicon – Mango ) was consumed. Readings were taken for next two hours to check
glucose level. Equipment used: blood glucose meter and lancets, test strips,
latex gloves, googles, sharp bin, glucose, watch.


Following chosen method,
collected records showed: after 8 hours of fasting, during the first hour of blood
glucose readings taken the level of glucose was from 5.1 to 5.7 mMol/L.  After glucose – sugary drink consumption
blood glucose reading showed increase in next half an hour till 7.4 mMol/L and
for next one hour an half reading dropped to lowest 4.0 mMol/L but the last
reading showed 4.7 mMol/L.For more details see Table 1 below.


All collected records of
blood glucose readings show that glucose drink intake increase blood glucose
level and that after insulin was released, blood glucose level started to decrease.

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