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The Hope Athena is a sculpture of Greek Goddess Athena and is one of
the many beautifully executed art pieces featured at the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war and is portrayed as
having been very intelligent. She was gentle in nature and as the goddess of wisdom,
she was also wise, steady and patient. I was amazed at the size of The Hope
Athena because it is a very gigantic sculpture standing at a whopping 86 inches;
approximately the same size as professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neil.

Speculators are instantaneously drawn the extensive detail of The Hope Athena
and are amazed, as I was, to the lifelike qualities of the sculpture. I was
especially impressed by the amount of detail the artist put into the folds in
Athena’s robe. The folds of her robe gracefully transcended down to her knee in
a realistic nature which begged the question: how long exactly did the artist
spend creating The Hope Athena. 

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