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In 2010,
Pepsi made headlines with the launch of the Pepsi Refresh Project. This success
or failure of success is very relative. Regarding marketing or what the brand
wanted to achieve by its campaign, they were successful. In the case study they
demonstrate that they wanted to achieve a generation (Millennials) not so well
seen by other brands previously. That is, in my analysis was very well executed.

It can be verified to confirm this by the analysis of the consumers reached by
the campaign. The metrics that would use to scale the project are sale increase
percentage, conversion rate from digital channels to sales, marketing ROI and
customer data analysis.

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For example, the Refresh Project was born at a time when
digital was something new and traditional ads were thought not only to be
wasteful but easily ignored by viewers. Therefore, the project was one of the first-of -its-kind experiment in
social media invested the brand in community-building projects. Pepsi Refresh
was successful in some ways but considered unsuccessful overall by some
academic and marketing professionals. The project was successful in providing
the public with something other than the usual Pepsi products. The most
important aspect of the Pepsi’s project was to help individuals build
communities relationship by supporting their efforts and ideas.

In the aspect of a failure, we can relate the metrics and results
of sales. Thus, the Pepsi brand is estimated to have lost the parent company
more than $350m due to the dip in market share in this period.

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