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As a popular marketing mix, it is imperative to understand what the 4p does, hence, we shall examine the strengths of 4p or what it is aimed at doing. It doesn’t only makes marketing seem easy to handle, it also allows the separation of marketing from  other activities of the firm  and the delegation of marketing tasks to specialists. The components of the marketing mix can change a firm’s competitive position (Grönroos, 1994). The traditional marketing  mix concept also has two important benefits. First, it is an important tool used to enable one to see that the marketing manager’s job is, in a large part, a matter of trading off the benefits of one’s competitive strengths in the marketing mix against the benefits of others. The second benefit of the marketing mix as put forward by Gummesson (1997) is that it helps to reveal another dimension of the marketing manager’s job All managers have to allocate available resources among various demands, and the marketing manager will in turn allocate these available resources among the various competitive devices of the marketing mix. In doing so, this will help to instil the marketing philosophy in the organisation (Low and Tan, 1995).


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