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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Sanjay
Lakshminarayan for admission to your school. In my three years of teaching and
mentoring him, he has demonstrated the qualities necessary for high success in
the demanding academic environment as well as the social skills needed to be
successful in college.

I first met Sanjay, one of the most enthusiastic students, while
I was teaching him Service Marketing. In class,
he proved to be a take-charge person, capable of successfully developing plans
and implementing them. His active participation and interaction with
other students during activities, allowed him to be a part of several different
groups. He academically excelled amongst his peers, often explained concepts to
classmates in need and often participated in class discussions. Many of his peers think highly of his pleasant and
encouraging attitude.

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During his time at college, he has displayed disciplined,
reliable and conscientious behavior along with comprehensive knowledge in
multiple areas. This is evidenced by his marks.

In addition to his academic excellence, Sanjay is a charismatic
individual with excellent leadership skills. Well appreciated by the faculty
and peers, he is known to be a balanced individual with a warm personality and
sense of humor.

Sanjay was a member of the Marketing club and consecutively, the
co-president in his final year, where he played an integral role and showcased
the ability to handle conflicts while working in a team. He has evinced his
capability, vitality and dependability during all our events.

I consider Mr. Sanjay Lakshminarayan, a valuable member of our alumni and would like to
see him get the additional education he needs to progress in his business management
career. He would be a good fit for your program and will prove to be of great value to your
institution.  Please feel free to contact
me if you need further information.

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