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Sales and Service Manager reports to the Support Director and thisdepartment is responsible for all sales and customer service functionsincluding the maintenance of the customer database. This job relatesto the following legislations. “The Data Protection Act controls how yourpersonal information is used by organisations, businesses or the government.

“If an organisation wants to store personal data it should notify the Office ofthe Information Commissioner about they want to store personal data. Organisations mustappoint a data controller who has to register & is responsible for themanagement of personal data. Infringements to data protection act can occurthrough passing on data to third parties,sending data to the wrong person,failing to encrypt sensitive information and misplace records and not disposingthem correctly. There are penalties when the data protection act is breached.Penalties like fines up to £500,000, prison sentences, prosecutions andenforcement notices.

It refers to personaldata that would be stored electronically or on paper.  There are 8 rules which need to be followedwhich are called data protection principles. used fairly andlawfully used for limited, specifically stated purposes used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive accurate kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary handled according to people’s data protection rights kept safe and secure not transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protectionSales and servicemanager  deals with the maintenance ofthe customer database which has personal data held about customers so this lawprotects customers private information. Computer misuse act 1990 was created to protect usersfrom attacks and have information stolen. This act is split into 3separate offences. The legislation makes it an offence to have unauthorisedaccess to computer material, unauthorised access withintent to commit or facilitate commission of further offences, unauthorisedmodification of computer materials.

“The act also covers unauthorised accessto different parts of a computer system, therefore, a person may be allowed toaccess one part of a system but not others, and the accessing of the otherparts will be an offence.”  This act isrelevant to this job because the person with this job will have access to allof the customers private information and is trusted to handle data professionally.Breaching this act will have consequences such as 6 months imprisonment or afine of up to £5000 or maximum fine on summary conviction or 5 yearsor fine on indictment.

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 These resources are specifically targetedfor young entrepreneurs.    CYBF offers financial help to youngstersage of 18-34 who want to stat-up a small Business.

CYBF is a non-profitorganization that has already helped more than 5000 emerging entrepreneursacross Canada.  Young Entrepreneur Award is yet another wayto start up your business. This is where you are recognized by professionals orexperts, they see whether or not you qualify for the award. These funding/awardsare sponsored by Business Development Bank of Canada, its slogan in “EntrepreneursFirst” which is just the right place. Junior Achievement Canada aims to helpdiscover the master key concept like leadership, workforce-readiness skills andfinancial literacy.  Young social Entrepreneurs  Young social Entrepreneurs target is to “buildan ecosystem of support that utilizes the best resources our society has tooffer”. This enterprise is mainly driven and successful by youngsters who makesprofit when making innovation or change but cares for the planet.

 Small Business Finance CenterSimilar to OSAP, this is also Canadian Governmentwebsite which offers opportunities for grants and loans  

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