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With a view to improving project
profitability through technology, SPDC identified smart well design for
simultaneous production of multiple stacked gas reservoirs as a definite game
changer. The prize was to reduce UDC, while safeguarding reserves development,
productivity and ultimate recovery from the field. 

In order to achieve the above
objectives, the need for proper zonal isolation of the various pay zones using
internal Feedthrough Swell-able Isolation packers was identified as a fit for
purpose design versus traditional Hydraulic set feedthrough isolation types.

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Whereas the first SPDC attempt
and subsequent experiences in smart well technology application were in oil
producers using internal Hydraulic set 
isolation packers, and were largely successful, a follow-up attempts to
extend the frontier to gas wells with similar design were fraught with initial

However, with a clear resolve to
crack the code of smart gas well design/construction and harness its inherent
benefits, SPDC Wells conducted a deep dive review to ascertain the root cause
of past failures, and then leverage the learning and insight gained as
springboard for launching successful execution of subsequent attempts. To this
end, a dedicated team was set up to optimize the smart well design options,
design out error enforcing conditions, subject the designs to global and local
reviews with involvement of both Shell and contractors staff, perform robust
quality assurance and quality control on manufactured components and ensure
flawless delivery.

This feat so achieved has opened
new vistas for more efficient development of stacked gas reservoirs in SPDC,
and pushed SPDC higher up on the competitive value ladder.

paper outlines in detail the systematic steps taken to weather through the
initial set-backs  and the methodology
adopted to plan, re-design,  assure,
manufacture, re-assure, QA/QC and deploy the Feed-through swell packer smart
completion to flawlessly deliver smart gas wells.

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