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Limitations of Augmented Reality

5.3.1 Intense

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To offer long-term value to the
customers, most of the companies have to face the challenges to design an
effective and usable service for gaining the competitive advantage. Between
physical and online marketplaces, intense competition is being waged within
most verticals. Some organizations feel pressured to create their own unique
take on augmented reality. They might find it makes sense to invest in smaller
companies to do the work for them. For instance, Sephora app has employed
ModiFace technology to allow the users to take a selfie and then apply a
variety of cosmetic products to their faces (Sa & Churchill, 2012).


5.3.2 Continuous technological

The hardware or device used for
augmented reality system in e-commerce should be small, light, has long-life
battery, fast and easily portable to display graphics to face the mobility
challenges due to the system has to deal with mass amount of useful, accurate
and reliable information in reality in order to filter the information and
expose it in a convenient way by discarding useless data (Mekni & Lemieux, 2014).

Lack of flawless working tracking
technologies for capturing and detecting the face region, movement and position
of the users and objects will lead to unsuccessful augmented reality devices to
be functioned well. Real-time processing can slow down the performance of
augmented reality applications. The users are unable to imagine usage scenarios
effectively if there is too little interaction. Challenges derive from smaller
screen sizes on smart devices that offer reduced objects for content
presentation and interactive elements (Sa & Churchill, 2012). Accurate tracking
is very important in augmented reality system due to tracking error may cause
an obvious misalignment between virtual and real objects in the real
environment (Rabbi & Ullah, 2013).

Moreover, technologies for perfect
virtual product display is a crucial requirement to face the visualization
challenges which include display issues, contrast, resolution, brightness, and
field of view. For instance, color display between augmented reality and the
actual product should be same that there is not allow for any color
differences.  Hence, continuous
improvements of technologies have to be carried out resulting in perfect
functionality of augmented reality in e-commerce for convincing more customers (Hendriks, Blok, & Kahlhofen, 2015).


5.3.3 Social

        Learn to use
the applications that related to usability of augmented reality devices is
challenging for the new users especially for the senior citizens to find
interaction features and interaction paths cumbersome. A lot of the users, even
savvy smart-phone aficionados, are not aware of what services and applications
are available regarding augmented reality in e-commerce which indicated low
discoverability. In addition, the customers unclear about the value of offering
services and applications regarding augmented reality in e-commerce beyond
immediate entertainment due to low interpretability of the users about those
values (Sa & Churchill, 2012).

5.3.4 Security

reality applications in the smart devices allow the users to access and view related
public information of the desire objects at anytime and anywhere. Privacy could
be challenged by the users who share personal information to the public that
showed transparency in order to gain ease of use or maximum convenience of a
product or service. Augmented reality mobile systems should be privatized and
do not provide the ability of sharing information that displayed information
should not be viewed by others unless get the permit from the users (White, Schmidt, & Golparvar-Fard, 2014). 

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