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.5.1 Proceeding four steps Mediation Test for Healthconsciousness            In the case of step one, the impact of healthconsciousness on purchasing intention of food items is measured and in nextstep, the impact of health consciousness-IV is calculated on consumerinvolvement-MV and the third step examined the impact of consumer involvement-Mediatoron purchase intention-dependent variable. Finally in the last step of mediationtest, the combine effect of health consciousness-IV and consumer involvement-MVin buying products in purchase intention-DV has been examined. In Table 4.10, theregression analysis measurements performed are displayed.Table 4.

10 Step Wise Mediation Test for Health consciousness   Steps   Model name Un-stand. coefficient Stand. coefficient R²     Significance B Std.

Error Beta Model # 1. Health consciousness (IV) – Consumer involvement (MV) – Purchase intention (DV) Step 1 IV-DV (constant) .429 2.162 0.053 0.192 0.442 0.196 0.

000 Step 2 IV-MV 0.454 0.052 0.474 0.225 0.000 Step 3 MV-DV 0.603 0.050 0.

596 0.355 0.000 Step 4 IV-DV 0.200 0.053 0.

207   0.000 MV-DV 0.504 0.055 0.

498   0.000   Sobel test First step Mediation analysisfor Health consciousnessTo measure therelationship and association between independent variable-health consciousnessand dependent variable-food purchase intention, the first step of mediationanalysis is performed. The observed beta coefficient value is 0.442 of healthconsciousness for relationship of IV-DV which demonstrated the strength ofinterdependence between the dependent variable and independent variable.

Thisbeta value of mediation is equal to the correlation coefficient between the twovariables. The value of beta in regression analysis are the perceivedcoefficient value of the variables that predicting a change. Based on the valueof beta coefficient shown in Table 4.10, it can be concluded that healthconsciousness performing a positive role in purchasing intention of food items,as the independent variable positively presented in the level of purchaseintention of food in the survey area which in convert to discover how much foodcustomers are conscious about food items that they used in their buyingbehavior. The strength of the relationship between both variables that is shownby the correlation measurement, the correlation strength between healthconsciousness and purchase intention is 0.442 and above 0.4 correlation’s valueis also satisfactory that means the effect is significant.

Model abstract/summarygiven in Table 4.10 shows the value of R square is 0.196 is the correlation between twoelements. The R square value elaborates the proportion or quantity of variancein the purchase intention-DV characterize by the regression model. The R-squarevalues which mentioned above in model summary demonstrate an acceptable andsatisfactory level of variations in the dependent variable.

This further verifiedby ANOVA (the analysis of variance) which defines that the independent variableperformed a favorable act in explaining the variation in the dependentvariable. Second step Mediation analysisfor Health consciousness            In the second step of mediationanalysis, the association between health consciousness-IV and consumerinvolvement-MV is calculated. The beta coefficient value of independentvariable-health consciousness for IV-Mediator relationship is examined to be0.474.

The strength of relationship between mediating variable and independentvariable is indicated through the value of correlation that demonstrate theacceptable and satisfactory relationship that is equal to the value ofcorrelation coefficient between both variables independent variable andmediating variable IV-MV. Therefore, this value demonstrated that the consumerinvolvement in buying food items is not strong enough for consumer’s healththat means they are not more consciousness about health regarding food. The Rsquare value is 0.225 and the analysis of variation (ANOVA) demonstrated thatthe health consciousness-IV is significantly indicates the 22% variation in thedependent variable. Third Step Mediation analysisfor Health consciousness            Theassociation between consumer involvements in buying food products that consideras independent variable in mediation analysis and purchase intention ismeasured in third step. The value of beta coefficient is 0.596 in Table 4.

10that showed the relationship between the dependent variable and independent variable(mediator) that is equal to the coefficient correlation value between these twovariables (MV-DV). Therefore it can demonstrated that the consumer involvementas a mediating variable positively involved and near strongly in the purchaseintention in the food industry.            As in Table 4.10 the value of R is 0.596 demonstratingthe strength of association between the both variables; independent variableand dependent variable. Whether the value of R square is 0.355 telling that thegood fit model and has explained 35% variation in the dependent variable. Themodel summary table also shows and tells the significance of the analysis wherethe value of significance is 0.

000 which demonstrates that the IV-independentvariable did a good act in changes or variation in the dependent variable aspurchasing intention of food products.  4.5.2 Fourth Step Mediation analysis forHealth consciousness            Inthe final fourth step of mediation analysis measures the effect of healthconsciousness variable-IV and consumer involvement-MV on purchase intention offood-DV collectively. The favorable/significant value of beta coefficient for healthconsciousness is calculated to be 0.207 which is 0.

442 as showed in independentvariable (IV)-dependent variable (DV) direct analysis, therefore it is verifiedthat the independent variable’s direct effect has been decreased. Barron andKenney (1986) suggesting that if the independent variable’s value comessignificant as 0.000 in the combined analysis, it is demonstrate that theinclusion of variable is going towards partial mediation that would be verifiedusing Sobel Test.

As, in the case to check or test the function of mediator atthe level of bivariate is met, therefore further, the Sobel test could beproceeded next by using online test known as Sobel test to check the significancelevel of mediation model developed by Kristopher Preacher and GeoffryLeonardelli. The source to know information about Sobel analysis is availableat (

Incombined mediation analysis indicate that the indirect effect of healthconsciousness-IV on purchase intention of food items is significantly decreasedas observed in Table 4.10

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