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Ø  Design, develop and produce reports that connect quantitative data
to insights that drive and change business

Ø  Analyzed data using data visualization tools and reported key
features using statistic tools and supervised machine learning techniques to
achieve project objectives.

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Ø  Designed dashboards with Tableau and provided complex reports,
including summaries, charts, and graphs to interpret findings to team and

Ø  Progressive and experienced background in analytics and root cause

Ø  Work independently or collaboratively throughout the complete
analytics project lifecycle including data extraction/preparation, design and
implementation of scalable machine learning analysis and solutions, and documentation
of results.

Ø  Developed and deployed Machine learning as a service on Microsoft
Azure cloud service.

Ø  Performing statistical analysis and building statistical models in
R and Python using various Supervised and Unsupervised Machine learning
algorithms like Regression, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Support Vector Machines,
K- Means Clustering and dimensionality reduction.

Ø  Evaluated and optimized performance of models, tuned parameters
with K-Fold Cross Validation.

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