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The calligraphic exam used to be the
only accessible assessment procedure in the past and thanks to the
technological progressions for diverse methods to evaluate a student’s
academic administration nowadays. It is kind of explicit that schools and
other academic and coaching organization are going for a combination of
numerous of evaluation techniques and this alteration has both pros
and cons, which I am going to appraise in this essay.

Starting with the benefits, practical comes up to evaluate students not only by
deliberating the overall learning and understanding of a student but also the
precision and profundity of their comprehension. Take an example, in a written
exam, a student can easily memorise the answers and carry out everything
smoothly in written test; but when we are asked to expound our  knowledge
in a lab, our memorising ability and a wide expertise will help us a lot. In
practical exams, students who have really learned the lessons and practice them
everyday would pass with flying colours. Moreover, assessment schemes  like
interviews, individual consignments, presentations and chemistry experiments
prepare students to deal with the barriers in such challenging life.  

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As we know everything has its bright and dark side so sometimes practical
assesments are has their drawbacks too. In practical exam, students can cheat
the evaluation process and pass the exam with a little devotion to study. For
instance, in the IELTS speaking exam, some students will learn by heart
prepared answers for numerous kind of question that the candidates are expected
to be asked and the examiners usually won’t spot that they are cheating. On top
of that, sometimes in the class, teachers favour particular students and mark
some students poorly due to some unacceptable personal reasons and the
authority has little to do to stop this way of marking at later dates.

In conclusion, genuine assessment of a student is quite an essential task for
the schools and a combination of evaluation process should be implemented.
Practical assessment offers many benefits and subsequently prepare students for
the future challenges in both academic and professional environment.

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