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I am
writing you on behalf of Snyder Software in hopes of initiating a partnership
with your organization as we seek to increase our sales force and expand our
market from within the United States to innovative distributors overseas. As a leading French retailer, Fnac has a mission and
strategy of promoting innovative companies and their products in the
progression of digital technology, directly aligning with our organization’s
goals.  Snyder Software offers sleek handheld
language translation devices. Our device seamlessly bridges the gap of
communication and language barriers for traveling business executives and

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the Travel and Hospitality Industry continues to grow, we believe aligning
ourselves with an esteemed retailer in the most visited country in the world is
the right move and the best move. Furthermore, the global language services
industry reached a market size of over US$43 billion in 2017 and statistics expect
it to reach $47.5 billion by 2021. Other large industries such as Healthcare
(Medical Translation), Law Firms (Legal Translation), Banking and Financial Companies
will also benefit from such a product and it’s abilities, so carrying our
product will be of great benefit for your company as much as it would be for

great anticipation, we would like to present to you, a free device for you to
try out the product and familiarize yourself with its features and capabilities.
You can also find a package containing our user guide, brochure, and other
promotional materials. We hope that you enjoy the product and take our offer of
distributorship into consideration. We look forward to developing a mutually
beneficial and awarding business relationship with Fnac as we are certain that
such a collaboration will yield great success.

I will be reaching out to you guys next week to further discuss this matter in

you need to reach me before then, please contact me at (+1)-269-213-1695

Nous apprécions votre temps et votre considération.  (We
appreciate your time and consideration)

Bien à vous,   (Yours very truly)

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