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Hypanthia was a Greek women mathematician, she was born c.355 and sadly died on March 415 in Alexandria. She was really known in Alexandria, not only for being a math mathematician but also an astronomer and philosopher. The saying about kids admiring and doing the same thing as their parents because of the influence is true in Hypanthia’s story because her father was also a great mathematician and astronomer named Theon of Alexandria. Early in time there were leaders and great one but they were mostly men, Hypanthia in her time was great at what she did and earned a title of leadership for her greatness. As the mathematician and astronomer she was, she also taught that brought large audiences. Her name is from Greek meaning “highest, supreme”, she was described beautiful as much as a great leader. Hypanthia followed her father into owning a library’s, she also invented the astrolabe for ship navigation and devices for measuring the density fluids. Her library was burned to the cause of Caesar’s conquest, his troops accidently burned it down. Hypanthia was murdered by a Christian mob known as the Parabalani, she was 60 year old when this happened.  To me and the world, she is admired for being such a good teacher and public speaker. She took after her father’s thing and did great things with what she learned and practiced it with either, because of her now in days we know or can get to know about mathematical things. She is admired also for being the first women on records to becoming so many things to the world in her time. Hypanthia was brave and im pretty sure that she lived a long and wonderful life until the day of her death, she didn’t deserve to die in that way but everything happens for a reason. She was missed for a loving friend, teacher, neighbor etc. she was never married and didn’t have kids but had many friends and followers who appreciated her hard work.

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