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4. 0     Customer relationship

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business process use to
oversee and investigate customer associations and information throughout the
customer lifecycle, with the objective of enhancing business relationships with
customers, aiding in customer retention and increase in sales (Rouse, 2013).
The main subtopics of CRM are personalization, customer loyalty, customer
service and user profile.

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4.1      Personalization

main idea of personalization is to deliver content that specifically matches
the user needs or interests. Also, it will remember the user’s information to
simplify transactions and processes. For example, the customer went onto our
web and he/she may see promotions or discounts based on what they recently searched
for, for example, the essential oil necklace which is called DG041. This help the
customers to access the information quickly if they are interested on that
object again. Besides that, there are two main components under personalization
which is cookie and user profile.

4.11   Cookie

A data file that is placed on a user’s hard drive by a Web server is
called cookie. It collects information about the user’s activities without the
user’s consent. For instance, it will advertise the most frequently searched
topic of our website onto another website. This will help us to promote the
latest product to our customer.

4.12   User Profile

            A user profile is where the user’s personal data and characteristics
are displayed. It is important to have a user profile for security purposes and
to identify someone. For example, when the user wants to purchase any product,
they must log in into their account or register for a new account. While
registering, the system will collect the user’s personal information such as username,
email address, phone number, credit card number, password and so on. After that,
when they want to purchase any product it will be easier to make payment as it
already has the user’s details. Also, we use anti-virus software and firewalls
to protect the system database and user’s details.

4.2      Customer Loyalty

            Necklace Co provides subscription services to those
who subscribes to our web page. We will inform our customers about the latest
products and promotions via email. Besides that, we also provide membership for
all customers. There are two ways to apply for membership which is paying RM10 or
by purchasing our product above RM150 to become our member without extra charges.
The privileges of becoming our member is that the customer will get 10%
discount on original price and gets a free gift when the customer purchase
above RM50. Moreover, if the customer spends RM50 or more there will be free
shipping! This applies to all customers including members. Our company also provides
e-commerce customer services such as interacting on social media, for example, Facebook
and Instagram. 

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