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4. What should Mark have done if Jack still was
not able to resolve the problem?

 Mark was really pressurized because they were
about to finish the timeline of a resolving a particular problem. He probably
did not keep any second chance for Jack to be unsuccessful. Like the last time
Mark tried on using Jack’s efforts, he should continue using Jack to resolve
the problem. It’s because bringing new people in this position could require
him to allow more time for the project completion. On the other hand, Jack
would become extremely disappointed due to his failure which could finally lead
to the degradation of his performance. He would lose motivation and could not
set his mind to work further on other projects. So, Mark should have continued
using Jack if he could have failed again regardless of the fact that the
project time would be completely spared. Jack and Mark should work together to
resolve the problem and give combined efforts in case of the further failure of
Jack on this project. According to Mitchell et al. (2001), workplace
satisfaction is significant for the survival on the job and mechanisms of the
management can possibly contribute to it. If Mark would choose another person
in place of Jack, this would ultimately lead to his termination caused by performance
dissatisfaction, however, there was no guarantee that the newly assigned person
could successfully complete the job by resolving an existing problem. On the
other hand, Mark’s decision triggering to choosing another person would result
in more or less autocracy

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5. Would it make sense for Mark to assign this
problem to someone else now, after Jack could not solve the problem the second
time around?

From Mark
point of view Jack was the only person who he can think the project could be
done by him. As Mark said if Jack could not do it, he believed it could not be
done. Mark stated that he can’t imagine anyone else even coming close to
solving this problem. Mark asked Jack to suggest one of his co-workers who can
at least come half a chance of making it happen. From my point of view, it
won’t make any sense to assign this problem to someone else as he gave lot of
time to Jack as he was the best worker who can get this done but he himself
said No when it was assigned to him. He asked him because he can take the
knowledge from Jack from his understanding he can take help from other worker
and start doing the assignment as it have a value-added to the McRoy Company, if
it would turn out as a success it would profit the organization or else it
would be loss to the company.



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