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4.3 Motivation and Carrot and Stick (Jessica)1. Clear Goal SettingGoal setting stands for a significant position in the project team. It is not only linked to task performance but also is the important source of built-in motivation. The motivation is started from the interest in the task. The project manager must be setting specific and clear goals in order to leads to greater output and better team performance. Therefore, the team better to have a SMART goal in order to achieve and motivate the team member to complete the project by following the deadline, this can be leading to avoid any misunderstanding and waste time. 2.Communicate with each team member The communication in a team is indispensable. Project manager will through communicate frequently with the team member in order to building a good relationship and motivate with each other, which the manager will able to know what kind of situation that project may face and solve the issues immediately. This also can help the project to avoid any trade off or time expanding.  3.Give as much support as you can After Goal setting, the manager can through communication with each team member to provide as much support as his/her can. according to the issue that find from the communication, the manager will able to know what problem they may have, when it happens, the manager should be provide as much support as his/her can to motivate and show other team member that it stills have many ways to solve the problem. Indirectly, it encourages each team member that they are not work alone, there is some behind they to support the project. 4.Celebrate each successAfter done a specific work or task, the manager can celebrate each success, for instance, when the team success on negotiating with the Shoprite local supermarket which enable to export and selling products in Zambia, the manager could give praise in the meeting or break time to celebrate the achievement in order to motivate each one to keep going and look forward. 5.Make the employee feel prove and appreciated By psychology, in somehow rather than having money as a reward, it is greatest to give the need of being appreciated or approved. It is good to know that oftenly appreciation is a greater reward than money. This enable to show you are prove for the unique contribution that every team member makes to the organization. 6.Give everyone opportunities to improve and grow  In this point, sometime the manager can give a small challenge for the member, which enable to let everyone has opportunities to improve and challenge themselves to avoid people lose the motivation to put their maximum efforts in work or feel bring of the work. In order to encourage people believe if they devote and work hard  will improve their professional skills. 7.Create a good working environmentThere are a lots of factors that create value and more important than money. Where is not only the appreciation but also working in the good environment will motivated people to the work and able to enhance concentration on the project more than their own job position.  8.Create a Healthy CompetitionFor this purpose, the project manager can effectively use the reward system. One thing need to make sure is the reward system have to be transparent to everybody. Which help to create a healthy competition in a team as each team member know when they contribute their efforts and ideas as outstanding work will lead to rewards. Carrots:Praise employee in the meeting This carrot can that people feel more confident and prove of the project that they working on. It can use in every meeting while the team need to check and follow up how is the work have been done so far. Beside, it is the way to encourage people pay attention and feel prove of what they have done so far for the project. In addition, in somehow when the manager praise other team member, it may directly influence other people feel if they can done thing great for the project will also get raise in the meeting and prove themselves to other people that they are doing something good for the project.Give them the special rewardThis can happened in anytime when team member feel no energy to work or cannot pay attention on project thank to their original job have so many work need to done. Therefore the manager can provide each member a vouchers like free movie tickets, or any discounts ticket such as 20% discounts for lunch in MK restaurant. This purpose of this carrot is to encourage people pay more attention on the team project and feel great to work in this project.  Provide a longer holiday Sometime when the team member achieve on significant work, the manager could help the staff to fight for having a longer holiday with two or three more day for any holiday or the employee can have chance to manage when to take these two day holiday for them to take a rast. It is not only help the employee the take a rast but also the manager can build-up the relationship between each team member which if there has any new project come, they may willing to work together again.Create a good employee service in the office environment (this could encourage staff to work)Thank to when start doing the project of expanding Zebra Thailand to Zambia, the employee may ask for any kind of need or help such as Stick:Point out what is doing wrong and need to improve in the meetingTelling the manager about their mistake

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