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cultural aspect of the city and of the people is important to know, how the
city accommodate the behavior the people. Hence, through visual sociology –which
includes the study of related  kinds of
visual material and the visual means of understanding  social world which can be any types of  visual material in its methods supplementing visual
photography  like  visual video making or movie making. This type,
the camera is analogous to a tape recorder. Film and video cameras are
particularly well suited as data gathering technologies for ethnography and
cultural study, public participant observation, oral history, the use of urban
space, etc. The tape recorder captures things that are not preserved in even
the best of the researchers’ field notes.

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sociology attempts to study visual images produced as part of culture. Art,
photographs, film, video, fonts, advertisements, computer icons, landscape,
architecture, machines, fashion, makeup, hair style, facial expressions,
tattoos, and so on are parts of the complex visual communication system which is
the reflection of the cultural identity and cultural product by people from the
societies. The use and understanding of visual images is governed by socially
established symbolic codes. Visual images are constructed and may be
deconstructed. They may be read as texts in a variety of ways. They can be
analyzed with techniques developed in diverse fields of literary criticism, art
theory and criticism, content analysis, semiotics, deconstructionism, or the
more mundane tools of ethnography.


photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and
accurate representation of people, places, objects and events, and is often
used in reportage. Contemporary photography provided opportunities for the artists,
using it to shed light on injustice, inequality and the sidelined aspects of society
by seeing the camera as a tool for social change. However, social documentary
photography is often a subjective art and not all photographers in this
category intend their images to aid the bettering of society. But for
Architecture, this contextual setting and narration enable it to implore on
what style or what type the building is to reflect the cultural setting and
social stand of the people.


 Like an journal, the photo journalism can imbibe
an narration/ an story or an supplement to the event in an place with context.
is similar to what journalists do, producing images as part of the work of
getting out daily newspapers and weekly news with unbiased, factual, complete
information as one spectrum and in the other, attention-getting and storytelling
blogs. These polarity natures can bring out the cultural competence of the
place through the eye of the photographer without detaching from the roots of
the socio-cultural base. The journalist nature of the photograph can provide an
honest understanding on the varied allied field of though which constitute to
the cultural setting of the picture.

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