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this Chapter Data Presentation and also Data analysis would be discussed,
analysing and critically discussing the findings researched throughout this
project by adding all the graphs and tables showing all the different feedback
received from different age consumers.

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4.1 Figure 1 – Own Business Plan

A business plan outlines the
business strategy and what you need to do to achieve your goals. It helps you
think through your options, identifying the best opportunities and how to make
the most of them. You can also use your business plan to help convince banks,
investors and other key contacts to support you.

Firstly I started off with
asking this question to the consumers asking if they own an own business. I
received 15 responses from this question. 46.7% answered yes that they own
their own business, whereas 53.3% answered that they do not have an own

4.2 Business



As Shown in Figure 1 less
than half people have their own business, this question is aimed at all the
store holders on what type of business they have. Furthermore as presented all
of the business holders have different kind of business they have, Baking
Business, Car business, Makeup and sweet business.



Difficulties within a Business



This question is mainly
aimed at all the business holders asking them on any difficulties they have
faced with the business. 30% of people have said no they haven’t really faced
any big problems within the business, however 10% have said yes they have the
reasons are that they have seen same business as them and they selling products
at cheaper prices.

4.4 Having a
successful business



With this question different
answers were given on how to have a successful business. Some answers were
achieving your target goal, confident in the business you are doing, achieving
what you always want to achieve.




Competition faced.



86.7% have answered yes to
this question saying that the rise of competition is increasing with in the
business world and 13.3% have answered no to this question. Achieving all the
goals set.

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder
and CTO of HubSpot, writes, “You are often your biggest competitor. You should
not completely ignore your competition, but the biggest battle happens inside
of the four walls of your start-up’s office. Start-ups come down to pure
execution of a strategy on a daily basis and maintaining the faith for the long
haul. Most start-ups don’t lose to competition, but because they lose the will
to fight.”1



Having a successful business
online advertising and also social media and billboard advertisement is a huge
success factor within the business world. 86.7% have said yes that they
consider having their business advertised online to become more successful.
Whereas the other 13.3% have said no they want to carry on with normal


4.7 Business
Growth and Success



of the consumers agreed with having the business advertised on social media and
also have it advertised is a huge success factor for the business. 66.7% had
said that advertising and social media is business growth factor. Whereas 16.7%
have said that they would rather tell friends and family about the business.
Growing a business requires
the right knowledgeable capital, carefully selected strategic partnerships, and
products and/or services with strong marketplace demand. Beyond these
fundamentals, sustaining growth requires a strong operational foundation – to
reduce the risks to the business over time.



Different consumers all had
different answers having a successful business the best way to start a business
is to start within the small community and then try to expand from that, some
people have said to have a successful business you have to be different from
the rest.




Demographic questions are
important when it comes to customer surveys. Demographic questions allow knowing
who the target market really is and what they are really thinking of. By
including demographic questions in the survey, able to save the business loads
of money simply because you took the time to include these simple questions.

50% of the consumers were
females who took this questionnaire. 33.3% were male and 167% preferred not to


I had a different age range
for this question ere ranging from18 to plus 65. 50% were age 26-35, whereas
the other 50% were ranged from 18-25.




The collection of information has grown over many years
more than at any other time in the history of the world. Finding out information and seeing if consumers would
like a pacific thing, data analysis is carried out by all companies to gather
all information quickly. Collecting all information that is appealing and that
is interesting. Having a business idea may be a
terrific fit since these are real life puzzles.  Many of these
businesses have started collecting their own date through electronic databases, social
media, and texting. However, they are busy running their business and
don’t necessarily have the time and energy to figure out what any of this
information means for them. So
collecting this information is important to see how each company faces
different kind of difficulties and if anyone is planning on creating their own
business these are the things they might face and things they can try to ignore
and also face.





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