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Miss Evers Boys was helping me to understand more about the ethical principle in the healthcare. This movie made me feel sadness, anger and shamed for what the study did to the patients. Miss Evers violated the beneficence was the most grossly actions in the Tuskegee Syphilis study. As I know, the beneficence is the action that have the benefit for others. First, I thought over 400 patients could get the treatment for the Syphilis, but the healthcare did not let it happen. They conducted the study for realizing the medical results that has no benefits for the participants. The treatment for Syphilis was available, but the participants withheld from receiving the treatments. It was unethical issues, because it only focused on the medical research regardless the participant right of existence during the availability of the treatment. The researchers did not prevent the risks of the disease. They took the advantage of the health of human being for the sake of achieving the scientific research result. Besides that, they put the participants in study with no treatment, which is maximize the risks than the benefits for the patients. The participants were not respected. They did not know anything about the study and the risks that could lead them suffer to death. No participants benefited from the study.

Miss Evers always deference for the physician. She believed and trusted the physicians. She said that “doctors know best” and just let the physician decided everything for the patients. She let them put the patients in the study, even there is no treatments for the patients. They put placebo like vitamins, aspirin, tonic and use liniment for the back rubs instead the mercury for the treatments.  Miss Evers knew it was wrong, but she still be silence and followed the orders. She thought that would make her as a professional nurse. A nurse need to advocate for the patient, but nurse Rivers violated the respect for person in the ethical principle by misinforming the patients about the real status and hiding information about the treatment. She also lacked accountability and autonomy for being a nurse, because she did not distinguish that considerations relating to the wellbeing of the individual participants should have taken priority of any interest of the physician, society and science. 

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