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At the
present time, interest is being gained by foods not only in terms of taste and
immediate nutritional needs, but also in terms of their ability to provide
specific health benefits beyond their basic nutritional value. Yogurt and particularly probiotic yogurts contribute to
health by providing natural nutrients and by enrichment of the intestinal
microbiota with lactic acid bacteria and probiotic cultures. They provide
several benefits for humans. The consumption
of fermented dairy products shows an upward tendency worldwide. People have been aware of the high nutritional value and excellent sensory properties of these products. Dairy
companies endeavor to maintain and stimulate these favorable tendencies by improving quality continuously
and widening the assortment of products. New
technology need to be developed to ensure probiotic stability for a long period.
The viability of probiotics is a key parameter for
developing probiotic food products. Consumers would need to ingest
considerably less medicine and artificially produced vitamin and mineral
supplements if fermented milks were enriched with vitamins, proteins, essential
fatty acids, and trace elements of natural origin.

number of important advances have occurred in recent years that are slowly moving
the field into new areas. New products are being developed for use as healthy
food, these products include algae. Algae are gaining interest due to their
unique composition and possibilities of wide industrial applications. Algae has
been used for many years as human food because of its high protein content,
minerals, vitamins and bioactive substances. The
presence of bioactive substances in algae is
of great importance because it further improves the high nutritional
value of fermented milks, prevents the growth of
undesirable micro-organisms and is also essential for texture and flavor.
The use of algae
in fermented milk is a simple way for attaining the
present goal.

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