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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an ingredient responsible for collagen production through the human body. It is an ingredient composed of alternating molecules of N-Acetyl Glucosamine and D-Glucuronic Acid in forms of a thick fluid with exceptional lubricating properties necessary for the fundamental functions of heart valves, joints (as a lubricant), eyes, and skin. The skin of a young individual contains a sufficient amount of Hyaluronic Acid.

The amount of the acid is decreased with aging. The aging process starts at age 25!Hyaluronic Acid Benefits On SkinOur skin contains over 70% of water and renew itself more often than other body tissues. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most important components in skin daily renewal, rejuvenating, moisturizing, and protection. This shows that the use of skin care products containing HA may improve your skin’s condition dramatically.Hyaluronic Acid is becoming better known as one of the most effective anti-aging skin care treatments. The level of HA, produced naturally in the body, is reduced with aging. This decrees the skins ability to retain moisture and leads to formation of wrinkles.

The uniqueness of HA is in its ability to produce collagen and keep water, so skin is moisturized and rejuvenated. Water retaining is very important to the skins youthful appearance and maintaining.These days Hyaluronic Acid is becoming one of the best rejuvenating and anti-aging components in natural beauty products. Creams and serums containing Hyaluronic Acid show better results than creams containing collagen by improving skins youthful complexion, fighting wrinkles, and rejuvenating more effectively.Hyaluronic Acid is a more preferred ingredient in beauty products over collagen because this acid is actually responsible for collagen production and its effect lasts longer and penetrates to a defect level of the skin.

HA has the ability to be efficiently absorbed by the skin, as well as to be a great carrier of moisture and other fundamental anti-aging ingredients.Commercial sources of HA may be from Cocks combs, Chicken cartilage, or Microbial Fermentation (Vegetable source). 

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