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As a writer, sex activist, educator, and staff
cultural sexologist at the sex shop Good Vibrations, Carol Queen has created an
analytical and educational tool for people to interact with and further explore
their own individual sexuality by incorporating her multitudinous experiences in
unifying social justice and human sexuality. Although Queen discussed her multifaceted
background in her presentation, a prominent thought that I continued to ponder after
lecture, was that in order to produce positive porn and an alternative way of
thinking about eroticism we have to urge people to look at human sexuality through
a lens that exceeds the conventional wisdom and thoughts of mainstream culture
by “giving
diverse people a space to gather, collect cultural materials in the library
and archive and make them available to researchers, etc., and present
creative work about sex/gender” (Queen, “The Alternative is Awful”). Additionally,
Queen articulated in her lecture that the porn industry should include a wider
diversity of body types, respect for the adult actors, as well as realistic sex
scenes as opposed to solely focusing on the entertainment aspect so that people
can learn about their sexuality in a productive manner. As a bisexual woman
myself, there have been numerous occasions in which I’ve heard misconceptions
and stereotypes common in our society that delegitimize bisexuality as a valid
sexual identity. Therefore, I believe that Queen’s sexual justice movement is
vital to represent and express the voices of diverse communities, identities,
behaviors, and sexual points of view because so many peoples’ realities get
erased when we don’t challenge people’s biases. 

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