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The article focused on how the
government shutdown is a reflection of the Trump administration, stating that “it
was fitting that the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration would be a day of
chaos, uncertainty, recrimination and efforts at political point-scoring.” The
author began by focusing on one of the many aspects of President Trump that had
a weakening effect on the overall “governing process.” The point was that
during his campaign, one of Trumps main selling points was that he could make
deals, and this shutdown along with his inability to come to any sort of agreement
works to disprove that claim. The article goes on to name specific examples of
him constantly going back on his own word explaining that because of this no
one knows what he will agree to. This, in turn, makes it that much harder for
the Republicans and even the Democrats to come to an agreement. The article
then shifted to speaking about the effect this had on the dynamics between the Republicans
and Democrats in the House and the Senate. Even though the Republicans have the
majority in the Senate and the House, they have been crippled by the divisions
within their own party about policies and their opinions of the president. On the
other hand, the Democratic party is very resistant to Trump which leads to difficulty
in coming to agreements with the Republicans, and the Republicans feel they
need to be against the Democrats despite the dislike some hold for Trump and
his policies. All of these factors caused
the shutdown that we are now faced with. The author explained that while the Republicans
fought for the wealthy through their tax cuts, Democrats wanted to help Dreamers
and those who rely on CHIP. The shutdown resulted from the fact that Republicans
added an extension to CHIP hoping that the Democrats would agree and overlook that
there was no deal for Dreamers, but that is not what happened, instead, the
government shutdown.


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