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3 simple ways to make exercise a habit many of us often tried to force yourself to exercise jogging in the morning visit the gym after work or at least to do exercises in the morning. But its hard to force yourself to start working on them. But there is a way a habit. If to develop it you will start to do something is not the feeling of laziness and fatigue. But how to make exercise a habit the answer you will find in this article- learn how to plan exercise is first of all a lot of preparatory work no matter how boring it may sound. planning is a very important part. It will take some perseverance to arrange a mini workout in a hotel room or bring healthy snacks to work not something that is more affordable. But if you plan everything in advance then we will surely succeed. Make plans for exercise clothes for a workout pre workout and post workout food and everything else. In addition if you put reminders on your phone or write yourself motivating notes on multi-colored stickers useful habits will form much faster. Stick to your plans if you dont feel like going to the gym but you must go. Start small and grow gradually the easiest way to develop the habit of exercising is starting from easy and simple exercises. So that you can even do it when you are tired and went to the gym. The goal of 40 minutes of exercise 4 times a week can sound great. but are you sure you will definitely do it the more ambitious the goal the more likely you will not reach it you will feel bad or skip your workouts. it is better to start with small goals which you can achieve. when you reach them you will feel confident and get a charge for future goals. then you can move on to more ambitious goals. Stay motivated in starting days the best way to stay motivated is by doing work out with friends it would be fun and exciting. Keep records of your progress. The progress result will motivate you. If your friend can do it then why cant you never underestimate yourself; you can do it much better from your friend. Read magazines blogs about fitness they are very motivating. Listen to good music audiobook or watch your show on the treadmill. It will distract you from the feeling of tiredness. Give yourself rewards like chocolate in a day favorite food in a week and whatever you like. If you will feel happy you will do better next day. Dont think that you will succeed in 1 week habit formation is a long process but at last you will enjoy the results. If you want to look fit and healthy then it is necessary to stick to the fitness routine you have. 

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