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3.1 Business

first module would be Business Management. In this module, we learn the structure
of a company and what are the different positions and their respective
responsibilities. I can apply my knowledge from here because when recruiting
new staff, I can see if the person is capable of performing the tasks of this
particular position.

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3.2 Decision
Support Applications

second module would be Decision Support Applications. In this module, we would
focus on the different functions of Microsoft Excel. I feel this module is
useful because Excel can help me keep track of different values like the
employee’s monthly pay and the functions in Excel can help me with confusing
calculations with a push of a button.

3.3 Business

third module would be Business Communications. As mentioned earlier, being a
successful HR manager would require an ability to communicate with your
co-workers. With the help of this module, it will help improve my communication
skills and build up my confidence through the various presentation assessments
and practices. Hopefully, I am able to apply the skills into the role. 

3.4 Business

fourth module would be Business Law. In order to be an effective HR manager, I
need to ensure that my workers will abide by the rules and policies set by the
company. In any event that they are at fault, I will have to inform them about
the consequences of their actions.

3.5 Career
& Professional Preparation

fifth module would be Career & Professional Preparation. There may be times
when an employee is fired or quits the company and they may be unsure of what
they wish to pursue after leaving. Being a HR manager, the employee’s wellbeing
is my responsibility so using the skills that I have learnt from my tutor, I
too can guide this employee into choosing the right career.

3.6 Regional
& World Affairs

last module would be Regional & World Affairs. I always have to be updated
on the latest current affairs that is happening in the world because it could
have an impact on the business of the company. With this module, it has taught
me lots of issues that is currently happening or has happened in the past.
Therefore, anytime there is a new issue, I will have to be alert and ensure
that it does not affect the performance of my company.

3.7 Internship

In the
future, I also hope that my internship will be closely related to the HR
manager role or acquire similar skills that a HR manager should have.

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4.1 CCAs

that I can join would be the Toastmasters group. Their main purpose is to help
improve your speaking skills and build up the confidence to speak to a crowd. I
think it is very useful as one of the traits of a HR manager the ability to
communicate well. With the exposure of becoming a public speaker, it will
definitely boost my confidence so that when I become a HR manager, I will not
have any problems communicating to my team members.

CCA would be the CCA Champions Club where their mission is to provide
leadership in public relations and marketing communication for the CCA clubs
and to manage combined CCA events like the NP Open House. As a HR manager, you
might need to organise events in the future so with the experience from the
CCA, you have an understanding of how to properly plan an event and what are
some of the essentials when it comes to planning. It also boosts your
leadership skills especially when you are the main event planner.

4.2 Youth
Expedition Project (YEP)

activity in BA that I can participate is the Youth Expedition Project (YEP) in
March 2018 where a group of BA students will be heading out to Cambodia for
some community work. I think this activity can help me boost my confidence in
terms of making new friends and working with other people that I may not be
familiar with. Teamwork is a key skill here and I think that I will be needing
that if I were to become a HR manager because I will be the leader of my HR
group and I would have to lead my team to the goals we have set for ourselves.

LEARNING (249 words):

5.1 University
of Exeter

I am
interested in taking up BSc (Bachelor of Science) Sociology programme in the
University of Exeter in United Kingdom. The admission requirement is a GPA of
3.0. I have decided to choose this particular university because according to
“The Complete University Guide”, it is the 3rd university for
sociology in 2018. Another reason is that they have a very flexible single honours
programme which allows me to choose to pursue a BA (Bachelor of Arts) or a BSc
based on my personal interests. It will take me 3 years to complete the degree.
During my first year, I will gain useful analytical techniques and a basic knowledge
of sociological theory, methods and concepts. In my second year, I will advance
my grasp of sociological knowledge and methods. In my last year, I will explore
an area of interest and demonstrate what I have learnt in my last 2 years.

5.2 National
University of Singapore (NUS)

choice will be to take up the Arts and Social Science (ASS) course in National
University of Singapore (NUS) and do a major in Sociology. The reason for
choosing NUS is because it is a local university so studying will be cheaper
and convenient. The faculty of ASS was ranked 13th in Arts and Humanities and
7th in Social Sciences according to the 2015 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World
University Rankings. The modules include theory, research methods (including
computer applications in the social sciences), and several substantive areas
(stratification, social psychology, family, religion, politics, gender,
education, population and organizations).

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