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Gender inequality in architecture exists, and that it is a severe problem.

What causes gender disparity? Do women practise architecture differently? How such differences manifest? Hence, how do we explain such differences? Do they derive from biology or society? Is this a useful category of unhelpful one? Are these notions relevant?A crucial change in my thinking about gender, feminism and architecture has occurred after the first CC2 lecture with Kate Jordan. It has become a fascination to me, how we have varying opinions on issues of gender pertaining to architectural studies.It is challenging to find accurate statistics on women’s place in architecture across the world. Much of the information is dated, and some are based on surveys inviting responses but with no guarantee of comprehensive coverage. This is why I aim to critically explore women’s contributions to architecture and urban planning throughout history, also focusing on gender as constructed in architectural and planning theory and practice.

I firmly believe that taking into consideration enormous and rapid shifts in theoretical, historical and critical debates, particularly concerning feminism, understanding architecture in relation to gender demands taking an urgent and close look.We all participate in creating a social perception of architecture subconsciously. There is a tendency of people seeing architecture as a “man’s profession,” and everybody from clients to contractors can potentially make practising architecture frustrating for women. I genuinely believe it is of utmost importance for the industry, on the whole, to embrace progress in investigating this topic through rigorous observation, allowing us to create a more conscious and fair environment for people in the field.Is the society trying to manipulate us that women and men design differently? And finally, how sexist is architecture? Interrogating issues of gender and sexuality in this profession as well as opening the territory to future new ideas and practices is what drives my interest.

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