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As per September 2017 or Q3of2017, Netflix has announced their company revenue.

From the table that is shownabove, we can see the total revenue that Netflix generated starting from the Q1of 2015 until Q3 of 2017.  The totalrevenue of domestic streaming per Q3 of 2017 is $ 4,522,751. This number isincreased when it compares from the previous years, wherein Q3 of 2016 therevenue of the company was $ 3,673,8155, and in Q3 of 2015, the revenue was $3,074,406. The revenue from Domestic streaming means it’s only the revenue ofstreaming service in the United States.            Next is international streaming.Same as domestic streaming the data that are available on the table is the datafrom Q1 of 2015 until Q3 of 2017. The total revenue of international streamingon Q3 of 2017 was $ 3,538,862.

Same as domestic streaming, total revenue ofNetflix Q3 2017 are increasing compared to the previous years, wherein Q3 of2016 the revenue of the company was $ 2,263,429. And in Q3 of 2015, the revenuewas $ 1,387,030. International streaming means globally where the revenue iscollected from the streaming services revenue all around the world excludingunited states.             Based on the tableabove the total streaming revenue at the end Q4 of 2015 was $ 6,133,774.

At theend Q4 of 2016, the revenue is increasing to $ 8,288,402. And at the end 

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