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Our tax advice
encompasses tax efficient structures for public and private mergers and
acquisitions, spin-offs, reorganisation, entry structures, fund formation, tax
efficient capitalisation of subsidiaries, private equity transactions and
transfer pricing advisory, in addition to providing tax opinions on corporate
taxation, cross-border taxation and on contentious tax matters. Our tax experts
also provide solutions in respect of indirect taxation, leading to tax
efficient supply chain management and equipment procurement and construction
(EPC) contracts. Our advisory services include providing advice on domestic and
international trade and regulatory areas such as customs, excise, service tax,
value added tax (VAT), special economic zones (SEZs), WTO trade protection
measures such as anti-dumping and safeguard duty, import and export control,
legal metrology, drugs and cosmetics, export incentive schemes, amongst others.

Media & Telecommunication

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Our technology, media and
telecommunications (TMT) practice group advises clients on structuring and
executing their transactions in the TMT sphere in India, and also provides
specialist regulatory and strategic advice. We have a large and diverse
clientele across TMT industries and their sub-sectors, including:

• IT (including software development and
• Outsourcing
• Online gaming
• Online gambling
• Mobile and fixed line telecom operators
• Internet service providers
• Print and digital media
• Broadcasting
• Film and music production and distribution etc.

2.     White Collar Crime

Our work
includes assisting in investigation, pre-investment due diligence on a target
entity in India and its promoters, advising clients on framing policies for
Indian companies, conducting compliance workshops and advising clients on other
contentious matters (including litigation). Our experience allows us to counsel
clients on strategic issues such as corrective actions and voluntary

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