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Executive summary:


proposes Employment National Strategy (Stratégie
Nationale d’Emploi SNE) 2015-2025 that aims going beyond traditional active
market policies related to work and unemployment issue. Actually, this strategy
puts employment in center of public action and adopts an approach to
particularly integrate economic, financial, budgetary and institutional
dimensions. Their main objective are to meet youth expectation by gathering all
conditions to create enough and suitable work opportunities, and also reducing
inequalities in term of gender and territorial disparities.

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Promotion of productive
employment, valorization of human capital and a better governance of labor
market are mandatory to ensure decent lives for vulnerable populations and sustainably fight against
poverty and precariousness. They are the challenges that the government is
facing in such conjuncture with mutations.

The first step
for SNE was about diagnostic of employment in Morocco to build a data base and
identify the major issues to address in priority, in order to draw its
objectives and conceive its interventions. This first step was done in
association with different stakeholder of work market, social partners and
ministerial departments. Later, I will be presenting the strategic axes of SNE as
well as the operational objectives to implement this new approach. SNE has
drawn clear measures with different including different stakeholders, between
2015 and 2012, that are supposed to lead to social cohesion under the different
economic and demographic mutations, at national and international levels.

By the end, I
will suggest some recommendations and highlight major risks that SNE has to
address in order to be a more participative and effective approach.





Employment challenge facing morocco

During the last
decennia, Morocco has known a sustainable evolution, yet many problems still
persist. High unemployment of youth, underpaid jobs, low rate of active women,
weak incomes and non-productive jobs, inactivity of freshly graduated students,
informal sector, etc. those are the main characteristics of employment in
Morocco, which us creating a non-favorable situation for population, economy
and social cohesion.

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