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21st century has brought with
itself advancements in every field, and we are merely mortals trying to operate
to keep up with this fast-paced routine this world has found itself in. With
the rapidly changing map of the world, leisure pursuits are becoming extremely
popular as we hold on to something that is familiar. A hobby is defined as an
undertaking for one’s own delight in spare time, however, it is argued to also
be associated with a sense of achievement.

In the olden days, our ancestors used to
keep themselves fit as a lot of their tasks involved labour. With the evolving
dynamics of life and the need to mechanise everything, we have lost touch with
keeping our physical selves in constant motion. Nonetheless, a trend has been
seen where people are taking up physical fitness as a hobby, in order to
challenge themselves. Where one cannot maintain a presence of physical activity
in their daily routines, various different ways are emerging to keep high
levels of fitness, one of which is exercising.

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One of the greatest benefits of exercising is
that it leads to a healthier lifestyle. In this day and age, where obesity is
increasingly becoming an issue, lifestyle choices, especially dietary habits, are
questioned. Exercising not only burns calories, but it also keeps a check on our
food intake. Controlled weight leads to a better self-esteem and improved
confidence. Physical appearance can be seen as one of the perks, but more value
lies in the fact that it greatly reduces the chances of various diseases. An
active life also promotes endurance and longevity and keeps your heart healthy.

Exercise not only impacts you physically
but it also has a great psychological effect. Medical researchers have proven
its benefits in coping with depression and/or stress. As human beings, our need
to find active ways to address issues of such serious nature has led us to
believe in the power of healing of exercise. Improved emotional stability translates
into positive reinforcement. People have incorporated it in their daily lives
at different times of the day. Some swear by the impact of exercising first
thing in the morning; it helps them kick-start the day positively by
prioritising their body and preparing it well for a long and exhausting day. It
gets their adrenaline going, which consequently improves their mood and gives
them the energy boost they need. In contrast, there are people who usually conclude
their routine by exercising. It allows them closure and an opportunity to end
their day on a high, stimulating better sleep.  How one incorporates exercise in their lives
vary from person to person, depending on lifestyle, daily routines,
availability of time and resources. This, however, does not mar the impact it
has on one’s self-esteem and satisfaction.

Not only does exercising help your body and
mind, it also improves your social life. Going to gyms and fitness studios provides
you with the chance to mingle with other people of similar interests. Meeting
new people establishes wider support systems and gives you the opportunity to learn
from peers, as well as experienced professionals. Working for the same purpose
gives you a sense of belonging and binds you in a team environment, which also
improves your communication skills. 

Different physical challenges push you to
experiment more in life.


As long as you are meeting the objective of
rewarding and appreciating yourself, your body would be a testament to your
achievement and you will reap benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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