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Social Foundation is actually multidisciplinary plans and dimensions
to understand the history of education, the cultural and social forces and
theoretical forces that drag out and exploded the concept of education.

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More over social foundation enhance the students with diverse
capabilities and academic background. It enhances the education by
strengthening the teachers through trainings and workshops for the beneficial
of providing fruitful and meaningful knowledge.


2.2 SCFP at OSU:

The SCFP at OSU is recognized from its beneficial activities
in enhancing the method of teaching programs, researches the knowledge
production and its concept of integration. The SCFP requires the methodology to
encourage the students to collaborate and help students to develop as scholar.


2.3.1 Built on Michelle Winner’s Social thinking ‘concept the mom rum Santa
Monica business touts social awareness.

Mom ,Suzanne T abachnick and Kelly Priest met at the
intervention series for children on the autisms spectrum. Priest has Masters
degree in clinical psychology.Tobachunick launched social foundation in
2006  in a small space in Culver city.

Osks ,Tobachunick focused on providing kids with the
practical tools to understand environmental stimulus ,interact in group and
develop friend ship. Some of them facing autocism,learning problems,differences
and so many social challenges. Minister and Tabachnick get great satisfaction
when student receive the benefits and improvement in their daily life. It was
so rewarding when the parents told tha their kids are making friends, go on
camping trips, join games and other curricular activities. so this reveals that
the goal that intended for the students have typical childhood experiences.


2.4 The Social and
Medical Model of Disability:

There are main two models of disabilities.

1: Medical model,

2: Social model,



The model shows the disability as a
problem of individual .The medical model approach is based on a belief that the
difficulties associated with the disability 
should be borne wholly by the disable person that the disable person
should make extra effort to ensure that they do not inconvenience anyone else.

The medical model looks at what is
wrong with the person and not the persons need .It create low expectations and
leads people losing independence chose and control in their own lives.



This model includes the services offered
by the society of disable person, there is a great deal that a society can
decrease ,remove and diminish the disabling barriers.


2.5  The Social Model VS Medical Model:


to this model the disability  is caused
by the  society that organized than the
persons individual difference .It always tries to remove barrier so that
disable child  can live independently
,treat equally, with choice and can control on own lives. For example’ A
teenager with a learning difficulty wants to work towards living independently
in their own home but is unsure how to pay the rent. Under  social model ,the person would be supported  so that they are unable to pay  and live on their own home.



to this model the people are disable by their impairment or differences ,the
difference should be fixed, changed and treat according to medical model by
proper treatment. The medical model looks at what is wrong with the person.




2.6  What is Social Foundation Education?

The Social Foundation Education
draws several disciplinary fields to examine education, its history, the
cultural studies, sociology and political sciences. It helps to improve and
develop the capacities to understand, analyze then explain the issues and try
to bring about the improvements in education.

In the course of social
foundation it provide platform to students to give challenges, to think deeply,
about the education and society.

More over it encourages
the criticism to identify treasure, contradictions among social and educational
values as well as education policies.

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